Fort Collins Donut Company Menu

With the help of our donut-making robot, we craft your order when you place it, ensuring you get donuts hot from the fryer. Check back often to keep up with our rotating selection of seasonal flavors. We fry all of our donuts in sunflower oil that has been harvested from flowers in Colorado.  It’s organic with zero trans fats.  Sunflower oil is not only one of the healthiest oils for frying, but it’s high smoke point lets us fry at higher temperatures.  The high temp frying creates a perfectly crunchy outside while maintaining a light and fluffy center,  otherwise known as THE BEST DONUT EVER.

  • sesame caramel

    sesame caramel

    This unique flavor combination packs a delicious punch! A sweet, nutty caramel topped with freshly toasted sesame seeds.

  • Pecan crunch

    Pecan crunch

    this donut gets dipped in a brown sugar & butter glaze, then is finished with some homemade candied pecan crumbles.  Reminiscent of a sticky bun.

  • Cinnamon


    Not your expected traditional cinnamon donut, as our has a melt in your mouth quality of goodness.

  • FOCO Cream

    FOCO Cream

    One of our specialties, FoCo Cream is our take on Boston Cream and is drizzled with a little extra sweetness

  • Lemon Poppy

    Lemon Poppy

    You are doing something right when you have one of our Lemon Poppy donuts in your life.

  • Powdered Suger

    Powdered Suger

    We have taken an old classic and added the Fort Collins Donut Company twist with this Powered Sugar treat.

  • Salted Honey

    Salted Honey

    Don’t miss this perfect combination of sweet and salty flavors, it’s what dreams are made of!

  • DOJO


    Add donut to any drink for an additional $1.

  • Coffee


    Proudly serving drip coffee and espresso from our local roaster THE COFFEE REGISTRY

  • Lattes HOT or ICED

    Lattes HOT or ICED

    [homemade syrups/flavors include]


    Bourbon barrel aged caramel



  • Chai


    Pi Chai original

    Pi Chai chocolate

  • Milk Options

    Milk Options





    Oat Milk (Oatly)

  • Homemade Syrups

    Homemade Syrups

    Mocha by Nuance Chocolate

    Whiskey Caramel – From CopperMuse

    Vanilla Bean